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PRESS RELEASE: The European Startup Conference 2022 – Live from Ukraine (Non-Profit Event)

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On December 7th, the first-ever European Startup Conference will be hosted live from Ukraine. This non-profit online event has three main objectives: Fundraise for Charities in Ukraine. Gather 10,000 European Startup Founders and International Investors. Connect hundreds of Ukrainian Startups with Venture Capitalists and Angel Investors, to help the Ukrainian tech ecosystem in growth and development during this hard times. …

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Win in Suzhou, Win the Future 2022 | Venture Contest for European Entrepreneurs

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The “Win in Suzhou · Win the Future” Venture Contest for International Entrepreneurs is organized by The Suzhou International Elite Venture Week Alliance. It aims to create a high-level innovation and entrepreneurship platform for international high-level talents. The Competition of Western European Division has been successfully held seven times in various European cities including Frankfurt, Munich, and Paris. Based on …

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10 Ukrainian Startups You Should Know About

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Before Russia’s invasion in February 2022, Ukraine was home to some of the world’s fastest-growing IT hubs. The nation’s highly educated talent pool, combined with its affordable cost of living, makes it the perfect breeding ground for startups. In recent years, new companies and investors have formed a vibrant tech scene in Kyiv, resulting in 26% tech sector growth year-to-year. …

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Survey: Only 17% of Irish Businesses Want Employees Back in the Office

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Hybrid working is here to stay. 64% of Irish businesses surveyed by people management platform, HRLocker, confirmed they planned to operate a hybrid model for the foreseeable future. 15% of Irish businesses are now remote-first and only 17% of those surveyed want their employees to return to the office full time, suggesting the novel models are working for businesses and …

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7 Ways to Donate to Ukraine

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A humanitarian crisis is unfolding in Ukraine, and you might be wondering how you can help. Below are 7 verified ways to donate to Ukraine directly. You can support humanitarian aid, help the refugees, as well as help Ukrainians who stayed home. Humanitarian Aid 1. Red Cross As the largest humanitarian network in the world, the Red Cross has been …

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How to Hire Remote Workers in Ukraine

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Want to support the people of Ukraine? Hiring Remote Workers in Ukraine and outsourcing tasks to Freelancers in Ukraine is a very practical way to help Ukraine, in these sadly uncertain times. For more information about supporting Ukraine, including organisations to donate to and ways to influence authorities in your country, please visit this list compiled by The Kiev Hub …

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Survey: Almost Half (46%) of Employees in Ireland Want to Build Their Own Apps to Improve Work Efficiency

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A ServiceNow survey of 500 full-time professionals across Ireland has revealed that almost half (46% ) of employees would like to build their own apps. The reasons? To improve efficiency in their role (47%), make their job easier (40%) and also achieve more with their existing resources (37%).  Low code platforms have the potential to make software development so easy …