How to Hire Remote Workers in Ukraine

How to Hire Remote Workers in Ukraine

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Want to support the people of Ukraine? Hiring Remote Workers in Ukraine and outsourcing tasks to Freelancers in Ukraine is a very practical way to help Ukraine, in these sadly uncertain times.

For more information about supporting Ukraine, including organisations to donate to and ways to influence authorities in your country, please visit this list compiled by The Kiev Hub of The Global Shapers Community.

Why hire in Ukraine?

In today’s globalised business environment, the importance of hiring the best talent cannot be overstated. And when it comes to outsourcing IT related roles, Ukraine offers unrivalled quality and cost-efficiency in a wide array of technical disciplines. Here is why the likes of Apple, Microsoft and Samsung Electronics prefer outsourcing to Ukraine:

  • Global Enterprise Experience
    85% of Ukrainian tech workers speak English, and most are experienced in working remotely for international companies. The latest SkillValue Report lists the country among the top five locations with the best developers in the world.
  • High Education Rate
    Over 70% of Ukraine’s workforce hold university degrees. According to the latest report by the European Union’s BRDO (Better Regulation Delivery Office), 18,000 tech workers graduate from one of Ukraine’s 800 Universities each year.
  • Tech-Friendly Regulations
    The local tax regulations allow foreign companies to work with contracted, self-employed professionals at a flat rate, plus the minimum Unified Social Tax of 819 hryvnia ($30) per month.
  • Vast Network & Constant Growth
    From entry-level coders to senior engineers, there is no shortage of IT talent in Ukraine. The nation’s IT sector grew from $250 million in 2005, to $5.4 billion in 2020.

Step #1: Find an Employee or Outsourcer

First off, you should decide whether to hire permanent staff or outsource tasks on a case-by-case basis. Most startups prefer to start small and scale up, but constantly hiring and managing freelancers can become a job of its own. On the other hand, over-hiring is notoriously detrimental in any business. To find the ideal solution for your company, you should consider trying each of the below options.

Direct Hire

Hiring and onboarding remotely can be a complex, time-consuming process that requires payroll management and tax filing. That said, if you get lucky, you may find the perfect fit for your company at no extra cost. The below platforms provide direct access to thousands of Ukrainian developers, network engineers, and data analysts. 

  • Work UA is Ukraine’s top job search platform. Featuring all the utilities of Indeed or Glassdoor, this site offers the largest database of candidates.
  • Jobs Dou
    Unlike, Jobs Dou is a job board specifically for developers, which makes it a great place to start if you want to narrow your search.
  • Remote Ukraine
    Remote Ukraine is an employment platform newly created as a seamless way to hire Ukrainian remote tech talents who are forced to escape the ongoing violence. The platform also handles payments, and enables hiring for both short term tasks and long term contracts.
  • YouTeam
    YouTeam is an Ukrainian startup that helps companies hire remote developers internationally. YouTeam has a client profile that includes Fortune 1000 companies as well as Y-Combinator startups, and Ukraine is the biggest part of the YouTeam talent network. Currently many Ukrainian developers in the YouTeam marketplace are open to work on new projects.
Recruitment Agencies

Ukraine is home to dozens of time-tested recruitment agencies that can simplify the hiring process. The agencies listed below have access to vast networks of IT professionals. They can choose from a pool of thousands of qualified candidates to find a tailored fit for even the most challenging role.

  • Make it in Ukraine
    With no upfront costs, is a great option for small businesses. The agency will assign you a Dedicated Matchmaker to handpick candidates based on your specific needs. And if you’re not satisfied, there is a one-month risk free trial available.
  • CNA International Ukraine
    Established in 2014 and headquartered in Kyiv, CNA International is one of the most successful recruiters in the country. They stand out in a crowded field by focusing on more affordable options. However, they do not work with companies in the gaming sector, or adult domains.
    ALCOR boasts a pool of 200,000 candidates and specialises in consulting and training services. Their main advantage is a focus on soft skills that are so rare in the IT field.
    • Skillers
      While every recruiter out there promises results, Skillers guarantees them. If you are not satisfied with a candidate after the first three months, you are eligible for a free replacement who will make sure the job is completed correctly.


  • SkyWorker
    SkyWorker is one of the biggest tech job platforms in Ukraine, and has worked with 800+ international companies (including Deloitte, Samsung and Roku) to hire Ukrainian talents. With  25k+ Ukrainian tech specialists on the platform, SkyWorker can match employer companies with candidates with a diverse range of tech expertise.

If you only need to outsource specific short-term tasks, look no further than freelancing mills. Here’s where you can find the best freelance coders, web developers, and technicians:

  • UpWork
    The world’s biggest and most trusted freelancing platform, UpWork, lets you choose among thousands of IT professionals based in Ukraine. 
  • Fiverr
    Aside from traditional contracts, Fiverr lets you choose from a wide range of predefined Service Tasks to help streamline your project. Simply click here for a list of Ukraine-based developers, or filter any other service by country.
  • Freelance Hunt
    Since its 2005 launch, Freelance Hunt has grown into the most popular domestic outsourcer platform in the country. Though most of their freelancers work in the IT sector, Freelance Hunt also recruits some of the best marketers, translators and admin assistants in Ukraine.

Step #2: Hire your Employee

After you select the best candidate for the job, you will still need a way to manage payroll and ensure compliance with Ukrainian labour laws. Although recent regulations were designed to prop up the IT sector, the administrative side of things remains a bureaucratic nightmare. Luckily, there are multiple ways you can cut through all the red tape.

  • Globalization Partners helps companies to hire anywhere in the world, without setting up branch offices in new countries. You find the candidate, they onboard the candidate and take responsibility for everything from payroll and benefits, to tax filings and country-specific laws. Click here to read more about hiring remote workers in Ukraine.
  • Deel is a user-friendly way to convert all your payroll costs into one monthly bulk invoice. Their dashboard allows you to track employees in real time. And the analytics features let you generate reports in minutes.
  • Papaya Global offers a number of packages geared toward enterprise solutions. Large businesses can benefit from Papaya’s comprehensive software package, though managing the platform can get complicated. The software tracks invoices, time off and compliance data securely.
  • differentiates itself with low exchange rates and zero markup fees for payroll. In fact, Pilot bundles everything into a single flat monthly fee. They also attract a lot of the best talent because contractors are paid via direct bank transfer, instead of having to deal with e-wallets and foreign currencies. Unfortunately, Pilot is only available to US-based businesses. 

Step #3: Set Up Emergency Payroll Options

Though Ukraine’s IT infrastructure remains functional, its citizens are under constant threat of the ongoing Russian invasion. And while Ukrainians have proven they will persevere in the face of any threat, we cannot say the same about the global banking system. Luckily, there are alternative payment methods that can ensure continuity of payroll, and provide much-needed peace of mind to both your employees and your business.

    • Payoneer offers the security of a foreign bank account with the convenience of a debit card. The app makes spending and withdrawing funds simple anywhere, and online transfers are available in case delivery of the physical card becomes impossible as well.


    • If an employee owns a MasterCard debit card, Google Pay can be a great option. For you, currency conversions are automated at an optimal rate. Meanwhile, your employees enjoy the added benefit of contactless payments in case they lose access to their bank cards.


  • Cryptocurrencies are the most effective safeguard against a possible failure of traditional banking in Ukraine. Blockchain technology was made for uncertain circumstances, allowing anyone to store their funds securely, even in a war zone. By memorising the 16-word passphrase of a crypto wallet, employees can literally store savings inside of your mind. And with the tracking and invoicing tools available for free on Coinbase, you can track and analyse payroll on any scale.

Note: On December 7, 2022, Startup Network Europe will host The Ukraine Startup Conference 2022, where we will give advice about hiring remote workers in Ukraine. We will also showcase amazing Ukrainian Startups and connect them with investors from across the world.