September 28, 2022

How to Improve Sales Efficiency as a Growing Startup

This Expert Session took place on September 28, 2022. It was hosted by Startup Network Europe & Freshworks.



As a startup juggling a patchwork of sales tools can wear out your sales reps and eat into your team’s productivity.

To stay nimble, move fast and ensure sales conversions, startup sales reps need a single tool – a unified sales CRM ; which can act as definitive solution to improve sales efficiency.

Join us for a masterclass led by Abhinav Krishnamoorthy, Lead Product Marketing, Freshworks Inc (FRSH), who has deep expertise in Startup Sales & Marketing functions to learn:

  • How to identify & track important sales metrics for a growing startup
  • How to use automation to improve your prospect/customer engagement strategy
  • How to improve your sales pipeline & improve sales conversions

Get tips and Tricks to crack all things: B2B Sales & Marketing, Customer engagement strategy, CRM

✌️ Through the Freshworks for Startups program, attendees of the session will gain FREE access to credits worth -$10,000 on essential products across helpdesk, livechat, CRM, marketing automation, ITSM, HRMS and much more!

Speaker Information

Speaker name: Abhinav Krishnamoorthy

Speaker Designation: Lead – Product Marketing @Freshworks

Speaker bio: Abhinav Krishnamoorthy leads Product Marketing at Freshworks. Over the past 5 years, he has worked with multiple leading companies to setup and scale – high performing sales & marketing teams. He was awarded “Young Leader Award” by Wipro Technologies for building a comprehensive cross and up-selling plan for their services.