The Asia-Pacific Universities Conference 2021






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The Asia-Pacific Universities Conference 2021

The Asia-Pacific Universities Conference 2021 brought together international student recruiters from hundreds of business schools, colleges and universities from across Asia and Australasia.

This event was organised and hosted by Adam Patrick Fulham (founder of Startup Network Europe) for Docsity, an international community of over 20 million students. Docsity have kindly allowed us to feature this webinar in our event portfolio.

Agenda (Beijing / Perth / Singapore Time Zone) (UTC+8)

1.00pm-1.10pm: Webinar Opening

1.10pm-1.35pm: Panel (3/4 minutes per speaker)

1.35pm-1.45pm: Keynote Speech (“the future of Digital Higher education, and how virtual events and virtual marketing can help universities, colleges and business schools recruit international students”)

  • George T. Sipos, Global Higher Education Strategy and Digitalization Expert

1.45pm-2.00pm: Round Table Discussion with Panel Speakers (“The Future of International Student Recruitment”)

2.00pm-2.30pm: Audience Q&A and Event Conclusion