The European AI Conference 2022



March 22, 2022
18:00 – 20:00 CET



The European AI Conference 2022

“The European AI Conference 2022 – Connecting American and European AI Experts” connected thousands of AI Experts, Founders, Investors, and VCs in Europe and The United States.

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October 24th: The European AI Summit 2022

Hosts & Sponsors:

Startup Network Europe:

  • Makes webinars for European Startups, which attract thousands of founders & investors.
  • Today we launch “The European AI Community” – Europe’s biggest-ever online community of AI Experts, Founders, and Investors.

The Transatlantic AI eXchange is a platform that:

  • Accelerates and expands the global economic, social and academic leadership of Germany and the USA in the human-machine economy.
  • Through webinars, workshops, conferences, and one-to-one coaching, they foster exchange on AI between entrepreneurs, researchers, investors, and policymakers.

Ignite: Intel for Startups is:

  • A global corporate startup program for early-stage startups launched in 2019 by Intel, first debuting in Tel Aviv and later expanding to Germany and the US.
  • They help turn cutting-edge ideas into industry-disrupting technologies by giving ambitious entrepreneurs the hands-on mentorship, technical support, and business acumen they need to build world-changing companies.
  • Twice a year, they invite cohorts of ten early-stage startups to gather in their offices where they immerse them in 12 weeks of workshops, mentoring sessions, and networking events tailored to their needs.

Intel Software Products & Ecosystem, which aims to:

  • Connect the worldwide community of developers on all things software and hardware.
  • Shape the future of technology to help create a better future for the entire world.
  • Push forward in fields like AI, analytics, and cloud-to-edge technology.




6.00pm-6.10pm: Webinar Opening

Topic: Setting out the event agenda, and giving an overview of the AI Scene in Europe

6.10pm-6.25pm: Panel Discussion – AI Leaders in Europe & The USA

Topic: How America and Europe are building competitive ecosystems, and how they can learn from one another

  • Holger Hoos, Co-Founder & Chair of the Board of CLAIRE; Alexander von Humboldt Professor for Artificial Intelligence at RWTH Aachen University; Professor of Machine Learning at Leiden University
  • Jayant Narayan, Manager of The World Economic Forum’s Global AI Action Alliance

6.25pm-6.40pm: Panel Discussion – VCs in Europe & The USA

Topic: Startup Trends for 2022; key elements VCs look for in Startups

6.40pm-7.00pm: Panel Discussion on Intel’s global start-up and developer community outreach program

Topic: Learn about Intel’s global start-up and developer community outreach program

7.00pm-7.20pm: Panel Discussion – Startup & Scaleup Founders

Topic: What matters most – value creation

  • Mark Hawkins, Former President & CFO Emeritus of Salesforce; Formerly CFO of AutoDesk and Logitech; Serial Board Member(Moderator)
  • Cyriac Roeding, Co-Founder & CEO of Earli and Founder & Investor at Roeding Ventures
  • Aleksandar Stojanovic, Co-Founder & Executive Chairman of AVA; Advisory Board Member at The Edgelands Institute
  • Cindy Chin, Co-Founder, President & COO of Clipr
  • Ted Kwartler, VP of Trusted AI at DataRobot

7.20pm-7.30pm: Panel Discussion – Incubators / Angel Investors

Topic: Incubators / Angel Investors should explain what trends they see and what are they looking for in the industry

7.30pm-7.40pm: Panel Discussion – Experts in Governance, Privacy & Ethics

Topic: Governance, Privacy & Ethics

  • Olaf Groth, CEO of Cambrian Futures LLC Cambrian Designs Inc; Professor at Hult International Business School; Professional Faculty at University of California, BerkeleyHaas School of Business; Author of “Solomon’s Code: Humanity in a World of Thinking Machines”
  • Manuela Mackert, C-Level Executive for Compliance, Digital Ethics, iGRC, HR, Legal and ESG-T (Technology); Formerly Chief Compliance Officer of Deutsche Telekom

7.40pm-7.55pm: Panel Discussion – Startup & Scaleup Founders

Topic: What matters most – value creation

7.55pm-8.00pm: Event Conclusion