October 27, 2022
17:00 – 19:00 BST



The European AI Summit 2022

The European AI Summit 2022 – Connecting American and European AI Experts was a hybrid event which connected hundreds of AI Experts, Founders, Investors, and VCs based in both Europe and The United States. The event had an online presence on Zoom, and a physical presence in Munich for selected guests.

The objective of this landmark event was to maximise knowledge exchanges, by providing fifteen internationally-known speakers the opportunity to share their opinions and expertise in just 90 minutes.

Our speakers included:

6:30pm–6:45pm CET: Webinar Opening

Topic: Setting out the event agenda, and giving an overview of the AI Scene in Europe

6:45pm–6:55pm CET: Panel Discussion – Research Institutions / Universities

Topic: Research Institutions / Universities

6:55pm–7:15pm CET: Panel Discussion – AI Leaders in Europe & The USA

Topic: How America and Europe are building competitive ecosystems, and how they can learn from one another

7:15pm–7:30pm CET: Panel Discussion – VCs in Europe & The USA

Topic: Startup Trends for 2023; key elements VCs look for in Startups

7:30pm–7:45pm CET: Panel Discussion – Startup & Scaleup Founders

Topic: What matters most – value creation

7:45pm–8:00pm CET: Panel Discussion – International Start-up Programs

Topic: Presenting AI Beyond Borders Award

Hosts and Partners: