Arrival: 12th of October, 2024 / Departure: 15th of October, 2024


Locarno, Switzerland

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The European Founders Retreat 2024

This October, Startup Network Europe will host The European Founders Week 2024!

In the beautiful lakeside city of Locarno in Switzerland, Startup Founders from Switzerland and the rest of Europe will come together for four days of relaxing, co-working, and networking activities.

  • Click here to join our WhatsApp Group for interested attendees.
  • There is no participation fee. However, founders should book their own accommodation & travel.
  • This is our first edition of the Founders Retreat, based on the extremely successful Summer experience of The European Founders Week 2023, which gathered over 50 founders in the city of Thessaloniki, Greece. We will also host The European Founders Week 2024 in the beach town of Hanioti, Greece, in July 2024.
  • We will publish more details about this retreat in August. Feel free to apply to join our WhatsApp Group in the meantime.


The preliminary agenda of the Founders Retreat is as follows:

  • Saturday, October 12th: Full Day Lake Activities
  • Sunday, October 13th: Full Day Mountain Hike
  • Monday, October 14th: Evening Event: The Ticino Startup Conference
  • Tuesday, October 15th: Full Day Startup Challenge

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