European Founders Week



Arrival: 15th of July, 2023 /Departure: 23rd of July, 2023


Thessaloniki, Greece

The European Founders Week 2023

In July 2023, Startup Network Europe hosted The European Founders Week 2023 in Thessaloniki, Greece.

Under the beautiful summer weather, 50+ Startup Founders from 20+ Countries came together for a whole week of socialising, networking, collaborating, co-working, local tourist trips, beach visits, going out to local restaurants and cafes, and a variety of other exciting activities.


Instead of a centralised program, founders utilised their creativity and resourcefulness to co-create activities and agendas every day of the week, using SNE’s shared Whatsapp group as a connector tool for organisation.

Social groups that shared similar interests formed naturally, as founders gravitated towards peers with shared experiences, who could provide them with knowledge, advice, and support. SNE is proud to observe that, at the end of the week, this has led to the formation of numerous business connections as well as genuine friendships 😃

In addition to the spontaneous and continuous social activities, two anchoring Conferences were hosted by Startup Network Europe to punctuate the week, bringing the whole group together, and connecting the visiting founders with Thessaloniki’s local startup ecosystem. The Conferences were:


What’s next?

Given the success of this experience in Thessaloniki, Startup Network Europe is hosting another similar occasion in a more structured Winter Holiday format from December 29th 2023 to January 2nd 2024 – The European Startup New Year 2024.

With a ticket price included, the Winter event will be able to provide a rich itinerary to attendees at an attractive group rate, while keeping the jam-session-style creativity and freedom which defined the Founders Week in Thessaloniki. Follow the link below to learn more about the Winter Holiday program, and get your tickets while they are on sale!

Get your tickets for The European Startup New Year 2024 >>