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Trinity College Dublin

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The Irish Startup Pitch Competition 2022

On October 28th, Startup Network Europe will host a 400-person event called The Irish Startup Conference 2022.

What: The Irish Startup Conference 2022 (LinkedIn Event Link)
When: 6pm-8pm, Friday, the 28th of October, 2022
Where: Trinity College Dublin
How Much: Free to Attend

Pitch Competition

Before our main event at 6pm-8pm, we will host a pitch competition featuring ten of Ireland’s most exciting Startups.

Who should apply for the pitch competition?

This competition is for Startups based on the island of Ireland, that have raised less than €1M. Ten nominees will be selected based on their traction, growth, project, team, and other business-related KPIs.

What benefits will the ten nominees receive?

  1. The opportunity to pitch in front of Angel Investors, and Managing Partners from Ireland’s most prominent Venture Capital Firms.*
  2. A free “Featured Startup” profile on the website of Startup Network Europe.
  3. A free video-recorded pitch, which will be featured on your profile.**
  4. Click here to see an example of what this will look like.***

What benefits will the overall winner receive?

  1. Nominee benefits, plus:
    1. A video interview or website article about your Startup, which will be featured in our social media platforms and 40,000-subscriber newsletter (63% Founders & CXOs, 13% Investors).
    2. The opportunity to pitch in front of 400 people during the main 6pm-8pm section of The Irish Startup Conference 2022.

How to apply for the pitch competition?

  1. Click here to apply for free:
  2. If you know other founders who may be interested in applying, feel free to tag them here:

* Are you an Accelerator or VC interested in judging our pitch competition? Contact us at

** For Startups in Dublin, video-recorded pitches will be recorded weeks before the October 28th Conference. For Startups outside of Dublin, this can be done on the morning of the conference.

*** Our “Featured Startups” idea is inspired by, but not affiliated with, initiatives such as the Y Combinator Director and Station F’s “Future 40” Programme. For context, Station F is the biggest Startup Facility in the world, with over 1,000 Startups in one building. Their “Future 40” Programme features 40 of their best startups in a standardised format, meaning investors can look over many great startups in a short amount of time.