The Italy Startup Conference 2022
May 10, 2022

The Italy Startup Conference 2022


5.00pm-5.05pm: Webinar Opening

Topic: Setting out the event agenda, and giving an overview of the Italian Startup & VC Scene

5.05pm-5.20pm: “Startup Italy” Fireside Chat

5.20pm-5.30pm: “Venture Capital Italy” Fireside Chat

5.30pm-5.45pm: “Italian Founders & CXOs” Rapid Fire Talks

Topic: Challenges Startups had in 2021/22 and how they overcame them

5.45pm-6.00pm: “Italian Investors & VCs” Rapid Fire Talks

Topic: Startup Trends for 2022; key elements Investors & VCs look for in Startups

6.00pm-6.15pm: Fireside Chats

6.15pm-6.30pm: “Silicon Valley” Panel Discussion with Italian Startup Founders & CXOs in the United States

Topic: International Expansion – Doing Business in the U.S. Market

6.30pm: Event Conclusion