February 8, 2023
18:00 – 20:00 CET


The Hub - LVenture Group, Via Marsala 29h, 00185 Rome

The Rome Startup Conference 2023

The Rome Startup Conference 2023 gathered Startup and Scaleup Founders, CXOs, and Investors from across Rome and the rest of Italy.

This Italian-language event  featured a panel of C-Level Executives from some of Italy’s biggest companies, giving advice about scaling and managing companies with many hundreds or thousands of employees.

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6.00pm-6.30pm: Networking

6.30pm-6.40pm: Introduction by:

  • Adam Fulham, Founder of Startup Network Europe and Product Network Europe
  • Paolo Dipierro, Head of Acceleration at LVenture Group
  • Giovanni BasilicoPersonio

6.40pm-7.20pm: “Scaleup Rome” Panel Discussion (here, we will focus on practical advice for Italian Scaleups)

  • Donatello Guarino, Head of Operations at Digital Angels
  • Valeria Santoro, Country Manager of Stocard Italy
  • Stefano Piscitelli, CEO of Younited Italy

7.20pm and after: Networking