The UK Startup Conference 2022



April 26, 2022
17:00 – 18:30 BST



The UK Startup Conference 2022

The UK Startup Conference 2022 was the UK’s largest-ever online conference exclusively for Startups, gathering thousands of founders, VCs, executives, seed fund partners, general partners, journalists, and bloggers from diverse backgrounds and industries. It was followed by a very successful in-person event called The London Startup Meetup 2022 a few weeks later.

Event Speakers

5.00pm-5.05pm: Webinar Opening

Topic: Setting out the event agenda, and giving an overview of the UK Startup & VC Scene

5.05pm-5.20pm: “Startup Leaders” Panel Discussion

Topic: What the UK Startup Ecosystem is doing well, and what it can improve.

5.20pm-5.35pm: “Silicon Roundabout” Panel Discussion with Startup Founders in the UK

Topic: Challenges Startups had in 2021/22 and how they overcame them

5.35pm-5.45pm: “Silicon Roundabout” Panel Discussion with Angel Investors & VCs in the UK

Topic: Startup Trends for 2022; key elements VCs look for in Startups

5.45pm-5.55pm: Startup Stories

Topic: We chat with a Startup Founder, about their fundraising journey.

5.55pm-6.15pm: Fireside Chats

Topic: We speak with various Scaleups on topics crucial to Startups.

6.15pm-6.30pm: “Silicon Valley” Panel Discussion with UK Startup Founders in the United States

Topic: International Expansion

6.30pm-6.50pm: “The Five Myths of Raising Capital” Panel Discussion

6.50pm-7.00pm: “In Touch, from Manchester to Chicago” Fireside Chat