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SeedLegals: Disrupting the Legal Dimension of the Startup Fundraising Ecosystem

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SeedLegals is a legaltech platform startup founded by two tech industry veterans: serial entrepreneur Anthony Rose, and serial angel investor Laurent Laffy. Since the company’s launch in 2016, SeedLegals has become the largest closer of funding rounds in the UK. According to the company’s website, SeedLegals has onboarded more than 30,000 companies globally, and €650M has been raised on the SeedLegals platform.

Legaltech for startups going through fundraising

For startups, the process of securing funding can be time-consuming, laborious, and costly in legal fees. SeedLegals helps startups cut down the administrative workload and legal costs in fundraising, by providing an automated software workflow that enables founders as well as investors to easily create, negotiate and sign the necessary legal agreements required in a funding round. Furthermore, SeedLegals also provides other legal/fintech tools for startups, including the software to hire, manage, allocate equity to their team, and more.

In a long & prolific career across industries, SeedLegals CEO & Co-Founder Anthony Rose has built, sold and invested in a number of startups. Having accumulated much experience in the legal dimension of fundraising from both sides, Rose shared in an article that while large fundraising rounds usually appeal to investors, they can stunt a company’s growth, since the many months these rounds typically take to negotiate and close can add significantly to the funds that need to be raised. Furthermore, during these time periods, founders can often find themselves spending most of their working time on fundraising, rather than on working on growing other aspects of the business. 

With the help of legaltech solutions like SeedsLegals, however, a more agile mode of fundraising becomes possible, where founders become empowered to seek out one-time investments from time to time. The process to secure funding becomes faster and more dynamic, thus founders can maintain a healthier momentum for the company’s growth.

SeedLegals’ current achievements might serve as evidence of startups’ need for fundraising legaltech solutions like these. Having accomplished remarkable success in the UK, SeedLegals has been on a trajectory to scale up into various international markets. After making its platform available in France, Singapore and Hong Kong, in December 2021 SeedLegals announced its launch in Ireland. 

Expanding to Ireland

In this launch, in addition to key tools such as cap table builder, contracts and agreements and share options schemes, SeedLegals also includes the following features:

  • Pitch – an investor pitching and tracking solution
  • SeedFAST – advanced subscription agreements
  • EIS and SEIS Approval – for Irish companies raising funds from UK investors
  • SeedOptions – options schemes to attract talent and engage employees
  • Fundraise – the most powerful workflow for all your fundraising legals

“Ireland is a hotbed for innovative, tech start-ups, representing a huge opportunity for SeedLegals,” CEO & Founder Anthony Rose has commented in the company’s announcement. “Until now, the legals surrounding setting up a business, and securing investment have been complex, lengthy and costly. We’re disrupting the legal industry and changing the way companies start, grow and scale. Whether you’re a founder or an investor, we make the funding process easy, saving users time, money and hassle.” 

To learn more, please visit the SeedLegals website.

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