Irish Startup Conference

The Irish Startup Conference 2021

The Irish Startup Conference 2021 is our second annual conference for Irish Startups, gathering founders, VCs, executives, seed fund partners, general partners, journalists, and bloggers from diverse backgrounds and industries. Sponsored by Kalc Accounting, hosted by AFIXRStartup Network Europe, this is a pitch-free, no-nonsense and practical webinar that will focus on Practical Steps to Scale your Startup.
A large proportion of speakers and guests will be Irish Startup Founders based in Silicon Valley and elsewhere in the United States. Join us and get access to industry trends and innovative tools, keynote speakers, and virtual discussions on everything related to the startups of tomorrow!

Agenda (Dublin Time)

4.00pm-4.10pm: Webinar Opening (2+ minutes per speaker)

4.10pm-4.40pm: ‘Silicon Docks’ Rapid Fire Talks (Ireland-based speakers)

4.40pm-4.55pm: ‘Silicon Valley’ Panel Discussion (U.S.-based speakers, or speakers with experience in the U.S.)

4.55pm-5.10pm: ‘Silicon Island’ Panel Discussion (this section will focus on Startup Supports, across all of Ireland)

5.10pm-5.30pm: Q&A / Concluding Remarks


Please note that this event will be recorded and may be published on online video-sharing platforms such as YouTube. Registrants may be contacted by Afixr, Kalc Accounting and Startup Network Europe about future events and other opportunities.


Registrants will receive an email with Zoom login information on the day of the event.